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We offer you our expertise in working life based on data, research and our long experience.

Oikotie is a Finnish job board and partner for all your recruitment needs. We have a solution for all aspects of recruitment, so that you stand out from other employers and succeed in hiring the best employee.

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Products and Prices

Take a look at our price list and contracts below. We offer a wide variety of solutions, and payment options to suit your recruitment needs, get in touch with us to hear more.

You can pay less using credits. Using credits is a cheaper way to buy many Oikotie Jobs products. You can buy credit packages of different sizes: the bigger the package, the more you save.

Job advertisement products

Product Price in € Price in Credits
Basic Job Advertisement € 850 1
Job Advertisement in HS Tablet € 1 275 1,5


Extra visibility & social media products

Product Price in € Price in Credits
HS Visibility  € 1 275 1,5
IS Visibility € 1 275 1,5
SoMe Campaign € 1 700 2
Display Campaign € 2 550 3
Sanoma Visibility € 1 060 1,25
Facebook Visibility                     € 1 060 1,25

These are our most popular additional visibility products to help reach the passive job seeker, a wider offering is also available to buy from our online store.

All prices are valid until further notice. Price shown does not include VAT.

See General Terms, Conditions & Service agreements (available In English at the bottom of this link)


How to get started? 

In order to submit a job advertisement using our online store, you need an Oikotie Log in. 

First, you can register your company with the Business ID, then add your companies details to register. 

Register your company »

If your company ID is in our register already, you need to contact our customer service: giving the email address you wish to register, and you will receive the credentials to get started by email.

You can also open a webchat for more guidance on this topic.